From Survive to Thrive

Live Like Goose is a nonprofit organization that will offer ongoing, long-term education, services, and support through mindfulness and holistic modalities including psychology, emotional intelligence, spirituality, somatic awareness, cognitive therapy, and creativity forĀ adults and children who are experiencing grief and trauma.

We enable the courage and strength to heal which turns into an asset to improve the quality of life and help others to heal and do the same.

We serve adults and children who are experience grief and trauma at little or no charge to them or their families, by providingĀ one-on-one sessions, as well as groups, classes, and workshops. We believe the solution to coping with grief and trauma is through a holistic community approach that practices embodied spirituality and creative expression to achieve ongoing grief and trauma healing and recovery. We are creating a compassionate recovery community which embraces each individual where they are, as they are with treatment and education programs and research.

Live Like Goose Grief and Trauma Recovery cultivates a safe healing community for survivors to work through their grief and trauma ongoing and holistically. We want to further the resources and practices in grief and trauma recovery as well, using what tools exist while creating new tools to help people recover more fully and completely. Our mission is to take grief and trauma recovery into a more available and successful future for everyone.

2170 the Alameda, Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95126

Tel: 408-813-2106

EIN: 82-5376182